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Description :

Mini rotating oven is suitable for small workshops and household uses. We are manufacturing several model of mini rotating oven and KF560 is a model that we are manufactured.

This rotating oven has 8 dishes with stoves. Material and components of the highest quality, it can be heated by electricity oil or gas

The dimension of this machine; Length: 130 cm, width:100cm, Height:190cm with dynamo

Mini rotating oven is suitable for uniform and perfect baking of various products like bead, Buns , cakes and cookie

The power consumption of this rotary oven is 1.5 KW per hour

Quality of the system heating source of this machine is steel

The minimum rotating oven is suitable for all of products and this is specially designed for baking all kinds of bread such as baguette bread

Rotating ovens thus gives uniform heating to the products

The positive point of rotating oven is you can cook everything thoroughly  and evenly

For getting more information about this mini rotating oven and other models of rotating oven you can contact us or visit the PRODUCTS menu of our website

Our proud is innovation in design and manufacturer in this industry. Until now more than 500 of our rotating ovens are working in Iran and more than 20country


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