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Description :

Rotating bread oven Model KF1200 is a model of our rotating oven that is suitable for baking all kinds of bread
This model of rotating oven has 32 & 36 dishes with stoves
The above said model of rotary rack oven is installed beside the local electric display as the hothouse (stove) in hich 16 trays with dimensions of 40*60 are set
This rotating oven is suitable for preparing Demark confections, Milk-bread, Chocolate, and all products which are in need of heat before being baked.
The dimension of this Rotating oven is ; Length:210 cm , Width:145 cm , Height:200 cm, without Dynamo
The minimum required height to erect this system is :260 cm
The approximate weight of this rotating bread oven is 1500 KG
Consumed fuel of this rotating oven is : Gas or Gasoline
Power consumption of this machine is : 2kw per hour
Quality of  the system heating source  of this rotating bread oven is Steel
Fuel consumption of this model of rotating bread oven is : Gas: 4 Cubic m per hour; Gasoline:3 liters per hour with nasal of 1.25 cm
For getting more information about this Model of Rotating oven and getting more information about other models of bread rotating oven is just enough to contact us

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