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Rotating oven is suitable for baking bread, confections, cookies , cakes , Biscuits and other products
Rotating oven is good for baking products because it can control heat so, that it`s dispersed evenly throughout the oven
Rotating oven is suitable for uniform and perfect baking of various products
These rack ovens are designed to be easy and safe to use
We are manufacturing rotating oven in different models in kaveh industrial oven Co. and all of the Primary material that we are using in making them are have the best quality
The models of our ovens are very different and you can order the best oven for your company
They have different dimension and they are useful for big company with High production capacity and small company with low production capacity
we have several option for anyone in need of rotary oven
No matter what type of commercial rack ovens are looking for, just enough to contact us and getting more information about all models of oven from us
All of our products has 15 years Warranty and lifetime after sales services. You can buy the best quality of this machines from our company

Rotating oven

Rotating Oven model:KF1200

This model of Rotating oven has 32&36 dishes with stoven


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Mini rotating oven

Mini rotating rack oven model:KF560

This model of Mini rotating rack oven  has 8 dishes with stoven


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Rotary Oven

Rotary oven model: Kf660

Rotary oven has 16 dishes


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Rotary rack oven

Rotary rack oven model: kf500

Rotary rack oven with 8 dishes


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Rotating bread oven

Rotating bread oven model: kf960

Rotating bread oven model with36 dishes


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Rotating Oven for backing

Rotating Oven for backing model:Kf900

This model of rotating oven for baking has 36 dishe


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