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Rotating oven

Rotating Oven model:KF1200

This model of Rotating oven has 32&36 dishes with stoven ...

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Mini rotating oven

Mini rotating rack oven model:KF560

This model of Mini rotating rack oven  has 8 dishes with stoven ...

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Rotary Oven

Rotary oven model: Kf660

Rotary oven has 16 dishes ...

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Rotary rack oven

Rotary rack oven model: kf500

Rotary rack oven with 8 dishes ...

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Rotating bread oven

Rotating bread oven model: kf960

Rotating bread oven model with36 dishes ...

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Rotating Oven for backing

Rotating Oven for backing model:Kf900

This model of rotating oven for baking has 36 dishe ...

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Rotating rack oven model : KF580

Rotating rack oven with 10 dishes with stoven ...

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Rack oven model : KF1800

Rack oven with 32 disehs for confectionery and 16 dishes for bread ...

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