Kaveh oven Industry Co

Kaveh Oven industry Co is one of the best manufacturers of rotating oven for baking in different models such as • Rotating bread oven
Rotary oven
Mini rotating oven
Rotary rack oven
All kinds of these rotating oven for baking including rotating bread oven and mini rotating oven for baking can be used for baking various products like bread, buns, cake and also cookies. but, rotating bread oven is mostly recommended for baking bread. Easy usage, unique design and also high quality are some properties of our rotating oven for baking.
It is our honor to say that Kaveh Oven industry has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing rotary oven and offers the best quality and suitable price. Rotary oven is suitable for the bakery industry, Restaurant, workshop, food factory, bakery, hotel, and etc. In addition, used the most advanced technology to produce a wide range of ovens. Moreover, we followed all the standards to be in sync with those followed internationally. Therefore, you can achieve the best baking quality in terms of shine, texture and crust.


In fact, Kaveh oven is a well-recognized name in the field of manufacturing and exporting food and pastry baking ovens and other equipment. We made a diverse range of rotary rack oven with high quality materials like stainless steel. Furthermore, our products are available in different sizes.
The rotary rack oven can also provide a uniform heating. So, it bakes the materials from all directions and angles. Also, the superior low energy consumption technology enables the Rotating Oven to be highly efficient and cost effective. Many bakeries also use our rotary rack oven and rotating bread oven with their unique features and design to achieve more profits. Higher production efficiency and minimizing the cost of production are some other features of our rotary oven. In addition, steam system which increases baking efficiency is another specification of our ovens. Please contact us for any more information or assistance, regarding our Products and Policies.

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