Rotating Oven for Bakeries with high production capacity

As people needs are changing by passing the time, we designed a Rotating Oven which matches all their needs. In fact, Rotating Oven is flexible enough to bake many products such as biscuits, cakes, pastries, etc. You can also use this Rotating Oven for all kinds of bread like Baguette bread, sandwich bread, Bulk Breads, etc. in high volume.
Our Rotating Oven is designed to produce a wide range of bread in various shapes and sizes. We also care about the quality of products. Our expert team tested this machine before dispatching to the customers to be sure about its flawlessness. Then you can bake bread with your own recipe.
The kind of the oven you choose is one of the most significant decision that you make in your bakery. Because a good decision can help you succeed in your business. Therefore, we have designed and manufactured several kinds of Rotating Oven for baking bread. We have used high resident materials to be sure about the strength and safety. Using steam system in rotating ovens causes breads to fully expand during baking.

Rotating Oven vs conventional ovens:

In the conventional ovens, bakers need to rotate their baking trays half-way through a bake to have be sure that the perfectly cooked bread.
So, it was energy and time consuming process. But, by using our Rotating Oven you can save your energy and time, because it rotates automatically in a way that breads are baked with a uniform heat from top to the bottom and side to side. Moreover, you can set the machine in your desirable rotation speed.
Therefore, you will have a well-baked bread. Furthermore, in conventional ovens the top of the oven is hotter than the bottom and that was one of bakers concerns. As a result, it changes in the Rotating Oven. They use a fan to circulate the air into the oven. Heating system with excellent control help bakers produce different types of products according to their costumers’ demands.
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