Mini rotating ovens applications for baking all kind of pastries

Mini rotating ovens applications for baking all kind of pastries

One of our products in Kaveh oven industry are mini rotating ovens. These kinds of ovens can bake everything such as pastries and confections. In addition, mini rotating ovens are good solutions for small bakeries. Since all bakers know, choosing a right oven for your bakery is very essential. So, at the first step, try to buy a good one.
There are many advantages and applications for mini rotating ovens. You can visit them all on our website. Here we just mention their uses for baking a kind of confection.

Baking mouthwatering doughnuts with mini rotating ovens:

As we mentioned, mini rotating ovens are proper bakery equipment for you. You can produce a wide range of cakes, biscuits, bread, cookies, etc. For example, you can prepare delicious jam-filled doughnuts. All you need is listed as below:
-melted butter,
-Crocker and water and cinnamon,
-oil and eggs and sugar,
-red raspberry or jam,
-milk and glaze pouch.
Now, let’s start baking it. First, make your dough. Then, put the dough into your muffin cups. Next, bake them for about 20 minutes. We should mention that you can observe the process of baking through the window on the mini rotating ovens doors. After that, let them cool for about 5 minutes. Then, make a small hole at their centers. Brush the doughnuts with melted butter. Now, fill them with jam or red raspberry.
In the next step, mix cinnamon and sugar. Now, cover the doughnuts with it. Repeat all the steps for all doughnuts.
It is time to mix glaze pouch and milk. Now you should also cover the doughnuts with it.
Now, your doughnuts are ready to serve. Enjoy eating them.
The mini rotating ovens play important roles in baking these products. Because the quality, taste and smell of confections are so important. Furthermore, if you use mini rotating ovens for your business the production quantity is important. So, you can bake a huge amount of products with our rotating ovens.


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